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Rolling Grilles
Sunday, November 04, 2018

SFRD grilles are strong, durable and attractive grilles provide see-through visibility, open ventilation and space efficient protection against entry. They are available in plastic, aluminum or stainless steel and can be manual push-up, crank, chain or motor operated.

SFRD grilles are designed to provide quiet and completely reliable operation with a minimum of servicing. They are widely used and highly regarded for use in Shopping Centers, Garages, Banks, Art Galleries and similar locations.

Security Grilles provide security against unwanted entry while still providing visibility and air flow.
Our curtain shall be pattern Straight composed of 5/16″ rollformed galvanized steel rods and ¾” x 1/8″ aluminum vertical links presenting a continuous rectangular pattern. Horizontal rods shall be overlayed with 3/8″ PVC tubes or 3/8″ x .022 aluminum tubes. Horizontal rods shall be 2-1/4″ on center. Vertical sleeve shall be 9″ on center.
Guides are to be of extruded aluminum or rollformed galvanized steel.